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Monday, January 25, 2010

Always fun to be had . . .

. . . .whether inside or outside

The kids created a little "village" at the top of the stairs one day, complete with their own personalized "homes". They played in their village for quite some time and even happily picked up the big mess :-)
Hmmm . . . . does anyone else notice the progression of quality of "homes"? Luckily, neither Isaac nor Hannah seemed to notice their homes were a bit shabbier than Madisons :-)
The hill just outside our house has been so fun to have. The kids love it and it has entertained them (all of us actually) many times! Hannah and I have squealed our way down this hill many times, while the kids sail past us on their skiis :-)
This sled doesn't slide down the hill too well - more for pulling her on walks but sometimes I pull her up and down the hill (when I am busy taking pictures)

Look how serious he is :-) I guess it takes concentration to make it down the hill :-)
Madison, imagining she at the slopes sailing down a huge hill :-)


Greta Marie said...

Forts are always such a hit! I'm sure the younger two will learn hints from Madison in making improvements in the future. :) I'm so impressed by their skiing abilities, too! What a great starter hill for them--they'll be ready for the mountains in no time!

Karmen said...

love the skiing pictures! I feel a little embarrassed that my niece and nephew are experiencing at 5 & 9 years old what I have yet to experience! glad they are having fun though :) I loved making forts when I was little.

Coriander said...

Looks like fun! I loved that type of thing as a kid! Oh and sledding. What fun!