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Monday, December 7, 2009

What We Didn't Do This Weekend

We have all been sick this week with varying degrees of head colds, fevers, aches and pains so we didn't get to go out and enjoy the new snow. Thankfully, we have had snow for several weeks so the kids did get to make forts and sled with Brock a couple weeks ago. They love to be outside and it is warm enough here (as opposed to Roseau) that they can go out without getting hypothermia :-)
The field behind our house has a little hill that is perfect for the kids. It is big enough to be fun, close enough that they can be there without me and small enough not to get hurt :-)
As soon as we are all back to normal we will hopefully get out on the snowmobile and REALLY enjoy the snow :-)

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The Chapters In Our Life said...

Get well soon! Sending prayers your way...