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Friday, December 18, 2009

Mornings with Best Friends

The scene at our house yesterday morning. Yes, Samson really was sitting like this and never even made a move after several pictures were taken. He is a snuggly dog who doesn't realize he is too big to be a lap dog (though he tries endlessly) or always laying/leaning on you. Thankfully, we usually don't mind his snuggles :-) He has been extra clingy lately and rarely leaves us alone, which is a bit odd. It is so cute to see Madison sitting there reading the paper. It is such a common sight! She loves reading it each morning by the fire. She only looks at the free section and the fliers. She looks at the free stuff every day and is certain that there will be a horse in there! She sure has determination and faith! :-)

These two are usually together and playing anything you could imagine. They play great together, which is awesome for me! So nice to get a break from fighting every so often :-) The other day she yelled from the another room, "Isaac, wanna play guns!?!" She can usually be found outfitted in Isaac's knights attire with a sword in her hand or with a sheriffs badge on her vest and a horse by her side or many other play things all "boy" :-) She thinks it is great. She can equally be found pushing her baby around in a stroller, changing her babies diapers or playing with her princess wand and wings. Just like Madison, Hannah is a great mix of girly girl and tom boy!


Karmen said...

Haha Samson! That's so funny. Love the picture of Hannah and Isaac, that's so awesome they play so well :)

Coriander said...

So sweet. Love both of these pics! They really capture life!

bekahe said...

so, so funny! Samson is my favorite:)