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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Some of my current favorites . . . .

I love this picture of Hannah. I love how she is holding her bunny in one hand and helping me with the other. I love that I can still "see" her legs swinging even when the picture doesn't. I love that I can hear her saying, "No, I can do it mom" whenever I tried to guide her hand (to avoid flour all over the place) :-) I love her crazy hair that gets wild in the back two minutes after brushing. I love her little outfit that Madison wore at her age. I love how she is so focused on her task at hand. The list could go on and on because of course . . .
I love EVERYTHING about her :-)

This picture of Isaac makes me smile. I can hear his battle cries as his two guys fight back and forth. I can hear him retelling me (step by step) what each guy did to win or lose the battle. He enters a different world when he plays, he becomes so focused it is often hard to get his attention. While that drives me crazy sometimes, I also love that about him - his focus and passion :-) I love how this picture reminds me how adaptable he is - he is just as content playing by himself as he is playing with 5 others. I love his hat - too big but still so cute. It reminds me of how much he tries to be like his dad. It reminds me of how just today he stopped his exercising several times to check the progress of his muscles! Of course I said "wow, they are getting bigger and bigger!" and he said, "some day they will be as big as daddy's". The list could go on and on because of course . . .

I love EVERYTHING about him!

I love this picture of Madison. I love how focused she is, I love that she did her Awana assignment and stayed another 30 minutes reading the Bible just because she wanted to. I love how she is holding her bookmark in one hand because she is always thinking ahead (why put it down when I will have to pick it up in a few minutes!) I love how she is so focused she doesn't care that her hair is hanging over her face. I really can't explain how exciting it is for me to see her love for God, her love of learning His Word, her depth of knowledge and her genuine concern for the souls of others. I am so happy to see the work He is doing in her and am thrilled to see her grow further in Him. There are so many things I love about this picture because not only can I see so much of her, I can "hear" her. I can see her passion, her desire to do above and beyond what is asked of her (she read so many more verses that she was supposed to and wrote them all down on the bottom of the paper). I can see her desire for change and her creativity - she loves to do things (whether for fun or school) in new places, fun places, interesting places- sitting on a pillow in front of the fireplace definitely qualifies as a fun place. This picture reminds me of our "alone time" as she calls it. Quality time (one on one) is definitely her love language and I love that she voices that. I love that she lets me know how important it is to her. She and I get our alone time while the kids rest and we usually read (not always together) and have a latte (steamed milk for her) :-) The list could go on and on because of course . . .

I love EVERYTHING about her!

Some other favorites:
Favorite Book of the Bible - James or Hebrews
Favorite Color - Green
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Movie - Faith Like Potatoes
Favorite Preachers - Paul Washer, Mark Driscoll, Francis Chan, John Piper, Matt Chandler (sorry couldn't narrow it down)
Favorite Book - Stepping Heavenward, Sacred Marriage, In His Steps (and so many others)
Favorite Season - Summer
Favorite Hobby - Scrapbook
Favorite Fair Food - Corn dog
Favorite Treat - my daily latte (made with flavored Stevia - YUM)
Favorite blog - Resolved 2 Worship
Favorite Family Fun - hiking or camping
Favorite Vacation Spot - anywhere with sand, sun and the ocean :-)
Favorite Blog for Quotes/verses - Of First Importance
Favorite Crafty Blog - The Idea Room
Favorite Verse (one of MANY) - And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect - Romans 12:2

Okay - I have run out of topics so I will be done :-)


Karmen said...

awesome post! I loved it.

The Chapters In Our Life said...

What a beautiful post...Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures and favorite things you love!

Theora said...

Grat post. What kind of stevia is it? Hey, we have sand, sun and the ocean! come visit us "hint hint"!

Greta Marie said...

Mmm, that just warmed my heart. It is so great to see and hear how the kids are growing in so many different aspects. I miss you guys.

Coriander said...

Great Post! I thought that I had already commented on this one, but I guess not. Very nice!