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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1 Year Old

On September 9th Audrey turned 1! Help - she is growing too fast!
She is not walking yet - but still cruises all over the house. She either pushing something around or walks along anything that is handy. She signs & says "more", "puppy" and "all done". She has an adorable high voice!
She has 4 teeth - 2 on top & 2 on bottom. She doesn't seem too bothered when getting teeth - a bit fussy is all.
She is pretty excited about inching up to 16 lbs! She still doesn't eat very well and has frequent episodes of not nursing well either. Every ounce she gains is hard earned - whether its nursing her most of the night or tricking her into opening her mouth so I can get a spoonful in. It is a struggle and sometimes it feels like we are winning and sometimes it doesn't.
This is her new birthday outfit - isn't it cute. Grandma and I spotted it at the farmers market and bought it together. It has inspired me to try make one myself (will show the results another time)
Another birthday present - her trike! She LOVES it and wants to be on it all the time. It is really easy to push and holds her in well (she is strapped in tight).
She is still a little monkey - she climbs up and down anything in her way. If you turn your back she is long gone. You will have to look up and down for her because she could be on the table or down the steps!

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