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Monday, October 31, 2011

Lost in the Maze

We had a great time at a corn maze with some friends this weekend. It was a beautiful day - a bit cool and windy but still nice. The maze was fun and challenging and the farm where it located was so pretty. Beautiful views, lots of cool old buildings and a variety of animals.
We went right over Audrey's nap time but she did great. She looked like her eyes were going to close at any moment but she stayed awake for it all.
I wanted to LIVE at this farm. It was so peaceful, simple and beautiful
Through trial and error, multiple dead ends and many laughs we figured out the maze! If you can call random paths, lots of mistakes and being completely turned around most of the time figuring it out. :-) So, after conquering (or I mean stumbling across the exit) we pulled our map out and explored a bit - trying to make sense of where we were instead of just randomly choosing paths. Map or no map, I never knew where I was - I just followed the guys. My exact location didn't matter as long as they knew and we were all having fun :-)

Looks like I caught Brock cutting through the corn! Hey Mr. that's not allowed!!
There was an added adventure for the kids. They were given paper bags at the beginning and had to find 5 people hidden throughout the maze with orange buckets of candy. After receiving some candy they would get their bag stamped. Once they collected all the stamps they had found all the candy givers! They had fun searching - and fun eating!
Our whole group - us and our friends Mike and Erika with their three boys, Kevin, Luke and Andrew. Imagine all of us walking, running twirling and giggling our way through the maze. Yikes!
These cows were HILARIOUS. We noticed right away how short and fat they were - it was so crazy looking. We proceeded to read the sign - they were miniature cows! I had no idea there was a such thing. Look at that cow - it is shorter than Hannah! They were really friendly and the kids loved them. They all had name tags on their ears so we are still hearing about Erica, Sophie, Darla and Lucy!
Oh look - there is Erica - she was the kid's fave!
Kevin, Madison and Isaac. I really loved the neat barn! I decided I better let the kids get in the picture too :-)
They had several big black horses (percherons according to our resident horse expert Madison). They were very cool to see!
All the kids minus the two littles - Hannah, Luke, Madison, Kevin and Isaac.
We all had so much fun and can't wait to go again next year!

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Coriander said...

Looks like a fun day! I want to live there too!! Makes me really miss the kids!