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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 Months

Audrey is now 5 months and growing right before our eyes! It really is amazing how much babies change in such a short time. The kids and I were gone for 2 weeks visiting my family and when we came home Brock saw a big difference in her.
She continues to be intrigued with her tongue. She rubs it along her gums or around her mouth and sticks it out constantly.
She no longer likes her pacifier. That is a huge disappointment to me because it was SO helpful in getting her calmed down or to sleep. None of my other kids have stuck with the pacifier either so this is nothing new. I suppose in the long run it is good because I won't have to break the habit :-) I think her teething and also her busy hands have been the cause - she either spits it out or accidentally pulls it out :-)
She has gained more than a pound this month! Yeah! She weighs 13 lb 3.5 oz. She is eating a little better although still struggles with dairy issues (if I eat it accidentally).
She is a girl on the move now! She pulls herself all over the floor - army crawls and rocks around on her hands and knees. She also jumps like crazy in her jumparoo. She loves playing with toys and sucks on them, chews on them or grabs and pulls them. She is getting quite coordinated with her fingers and hands. It is cute to see her exploring with them.
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Karmen said...

Aw, she is so adorable! So glad I finally got to see her. and it took 5 months for that to happen...crazy!

Coriander said...

What an adorable girl! So nice to have seen her in real life. The pictures mean more now that I can picture her!