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Thursday, May 6, 2010

23 Weeks

I have grown A TON this week! It has amazed us all. Hopefully the baby has also grown alot this week and not just me :-)

Still feeling great - eating good, sleeping good and have plenty of energy.

Loving the kids comments and reactions. Hannah has kept us laughing. She said the other day, "We NEED to give this baby a name now" Then she suggested "Hannah". Then she giggled when we told her it was already her name and she said, "oh, yah". Then Brock suggested some silly name like Fred and she said, "sure". I guess she isn't too picky, as long as it's a name :-) This week she has also started calling the baby "our baby". I love how she sees him/her as much her's as ours :-) Brock asked her why my tummy was so big and she said, "because our baby is in there!" like it was such a silly questions :-)

Isaac asks daily how many days til the baby is born! He never seems dissapointed that the number is so high - just wants to know the number. Madison continues to watch the progress through books and different sites I go to and finds it competely intriguing. Seeing the amazing process of life unfold and taking place inside me through the kids eyes has been so fun for us. It helps renew the awe and wonder I have for God and His awesome power over ALL things - especially life.


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Beautiful! I love the last picture :)!

Coriander said...

Good pics!Fun stories!

bekahe said...

Looking good:)