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Friday, April 23, 2010

Hiking to the "M"

Although Jesse and Denise and their family were only here from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon we packed alot in. Saturday afternoon all 11 (12 I guess with the little guy or girl hitching a ride with me) headed for a hike to the "M". Brock and Madison had done it before but for the rest of us it was a new experience. The "M" is a huge (250 ft) M made of white washed rocks that was made in 1915 by MSU students. The hike has one side that is really steep and one side that is longer and winds through the woods. We took the steep way up and the windy way down. The entire hike is just over 1.5 miles and was very fun and even gave you a good leg workout. :-)
Madison and Andi at the base of the trail anxious to head up.
Berlin, Andi, Madison and Izyk
Alex and Isaac taking a break for a picture (Madison and Andi in the background). We weren't sure how the two Isaac's would do but they did great! No complaining and just kept going. Towards the end of the steep side we could hear Izyk S. muttering now and then, "I don't think I can make it". So cute - but he did it and was very proud of himself. Our Isaac was told by Madison before we started that she didn't think he could make it up himself (nice huh) so he cruised up with nothing but determination to prove her wrong. He was very proud of himself when he easily showed her! :-)

Jesse and Berlin checking out the view

Izyk found two walking sticks to help him out - two has got to be better than one right??
Up, Up, Up we go

Jesse, Denise, Berlin and Izyk seeing how far we've come
Two tired (but proud) boys after making it to the top!
Despite the fact that it wasn't real clear at the top it was still beautiful. This was the middle of March and as you can see we still had plenty of snow :-)
Madison and Andi raced up to the top and easily beat us all
The whole crew
The guys (and a sleeping Berlin) as we head down. Although the way down was not as steep it was very wet and slick!!! Quite trecherous at times :-) This huge rock face was so cool. We rounded the corner and there it was, I never expected to see it in the midst of just trees, shrubs and grass.
The "old man" of the group seems to be having a hard time. Not only did he need to rest on the rock but he needed two sticks to support him on the way down :-) Actually, Izyk decided that although he still wanted his walking sticks he didn't want to carry them anymore so Jesse became the keeper of the special sticks :-) Berlin looks so cute in this picture!

Rocks, Rocks and Rocks!!
Denise and I


Greta Marie said...

Great pictures! I'm impressed at the kids' ability to make such a big hike, too!

Karmen said...

looks like an awesome hike! I still need to come out there and try out all these hikes and neat outdoors things you guys seem to have access to :)

Coriander said...

Oh, I really miss hicking! And the mountains...Looks like a blast!