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Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Ski Trip of the Year

I am so behind on blogging! I am hoping that I can get March and April done before May starts :-) Not sure if I can do it considering we had 2 rounds of company in that time (which means LOTS of pics).

In March, our friends Jesse and Denise and their kids were here visiting and everyone but Denise, Berlin, Hannah and I went skiing. It was the two Isaac's first time so Denise and I were anxious to watch this momentous occasion so hung out at the lodge and got lots of pics. It was a beautiful day - bright and sunny.
Brock and Jesse coming down the hill after going all the way to the top and skiing down. A very exhilarating and scary ride according to the two of them
Mr. Isaac who is loving his experience of skiing. He did great and even made it off the bunny hill and went down the bigger one!
Madison, Isaac and Andi heading to the bigger hill
Alex breezing by
Madison and Andi. I love watching these two together - they clicked and have been like two peas in a pod since they first met a couple years ago.
Madison did such a good job helping Isaac. I was very proud of her "big sister" skills
Izyk giving it his all! He did a great job skiing but had no interest in going on the big hill :-)
Unfortunately, Izyk got hit by the chair at the top of the hill so Denise had to ride the chair lift up to check on him. She looked so funny sitting up there leisurely all by herself. Thankfully, all Izyk had to show for his mishap was a big goose egg. He soon skied down the hill while Denise walked down (much faster than taking the slow chair lift) :-)
Hannah and Berlin kept Denise and I company while we sat outside the lodge watching all the activity
Andi did a great job helping Izyk and making sure he was okay. It was cute to see Madison and Andi both doing such a good job with their little brothers.
Brock, Jesse and Alex taking a break
The dads doing a great job teaching the boys the tricks of skiing
Andi and Izyk
Isaac and Brock coming down the big hill - he was so proud of himself
The big picture of the bunny hill as Andi, Isaac and Madison head down
The kids - Andi, Alex and Madison
and Isaac, Izyk, Berlin and Hannah
We have been blessed to have these guys as friends and are so glad that they take the time and energy to come all the way to MT to visit us :-)


Karmen said...

fun! I still need to come out there and do this for myself! :)

Greta Marie said...

Looks like a great time. Praise the Lord for Bluewater! :)