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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Late Night Fishing

Brock, Hannah, Isaac and I headed out one evening (Madison was with a friend) to try a new fishing spot. We have yet to find a good spot :-) It is still fun though - the kids are just as thrilled going as they are getting anything.

Hannah had her own little fishing pole (with a heavy sinker and no hook) and she had fun "fishing".

However, she didn't last long and was ready to take a break and snuggle with me

Isaac did a great job fishing. He was casting on his own the entire time and even sought out his own spots. It was very cute to watch. As you can see he is very serious about it too :-) He is also very protective of Hannah and I and constantly pointing out dangerous spots. :-) When we moved to a new spot we were quite a ways behind him and here comes Isaac running back to me. I thought he was coming to walk with us but no, he ran up and told me to be careful that Hannah didn't fall on that steep spot (getting down to the rivers edge) then he turned around and ran back to Brock. It was adorable!! What a nice little man he is :-)


Karmen said...

So sweet about Isaac! Already the little gentleman, looking out for the girls!

The Chapters In Our Life said...

Those boys and their fishing . . . Cayel learned to reel in his own fish this summer and even held it by the mouth "like daddy" :).