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Monday, September 21, 2009

2nd Grade Celebration

Madison had her end of the school year celebration a couple weeks ago (we did school through the summer) and showcased all she had accomplished this school year. She and I spent a couple days making a scrapbook to go with her presentation.

Here are the scrapbook pages for her year of Sonlight - Introduction to the World: Cultures

Madison loved science and wanted to include a couple of her favorite experiments in the scrapbook. Sonlight is a literature based curriculum so we read a lot of books. There were three different books we read for History and Geography. Madison drew a picture to go with each one that showed one of her favorite topics in the book.
The literature portion is made up of books that I read aloud to her (with questions and answers, maps and background information). There was a great variety of stories -some fiction some nonfiction, that took place in lots of different parts of the world. I love reading so it was fun for me too :-)
One of Madison's favorite books to read was Hero Tales. It was about the lives and legacies of many different missionaries This year we covered Gladys Aylward, Dwight Moody, Amy Carmichael, Mary Slessor and George Mueller. We both can't wait to keep going and learn more about various missionaries.
Here are all the books that Madison had to read aloud this year.
Madison was in Awana this year so we used that as our Bible Memorization class. She learned 53 verses this year! She can still recite many of them and will continue working on them as well as add more to it this year. She loved going to Awana and learned so much too - what a great combination. Another highlight of the year for Madison was learning cursive. She was anxiously waiting to learn it (we started it mid year). She does great and still loves it!
We invited grandpa and grandma over for dinner and she did her "presentation" later that night. We had done the scrapbook and also set up our family room with all the material she had covered. She led them (and Brock) around and explained what each station was and what she learned and liked about each subject.
Here is the table of books we read for Literature. Madison talked a lot about the various books and where they took place. She told alot about the missionaries we read about. I didn't know what she would talk about so it was cute to hear her version of things. She remembered so much about each book - especially the missionaries. It was very cute.
History and Geography, Bible and Science. She had dressed herself and Isaac up to represent one of the era's in her history book. She also wanted to do a couple science projects so had them all set up and did them (explanations and all) for everyone. She did such a good job.
All of her read alouds and her math.
Handwriting and Phonics. She did 3 books of Explode the Code but I wasn't sure where her first one went :-) She was busy showing them all her favorite handwriting pages (which included a lot) :-)
She set out and talked about some of the projects she worked on this year. If I had known we were going to do this I would have saved more of them :-)
I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the night. I didn't think of pictures until it was all over and thankfully it was still set up so I could get some. Of course I didn't get pics of the most important part - Madison doing it all. Brock and I were so proud of her. She was confidant, spoke clearly and knew what she was talking about. What a fun year of school it has been. I have learned a few things also. I love Sonlight and will continue using it. I will not go through the summer again. I will keep her projects and definately do another end of the year celebration. Hopefully next year she can have a bigger audience :-)


Greta Marie said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the presentation in a sense with us too! :) It's fun to see all you're learning and doing, Madison, and to see your GREAT scrapbook!

Karmen said...

wow, awesome! The presentation looks so neat. Almost makes me want to be young and in 2nd grade again! :)

The Chapters In Our Life said...

What an accomplishment! And what a great mom you are! 2nd grade was always my favorite! Good Job Madison!! And I wonder where she gets her love for Science :)? I think I vividly remember walking over to the Trafton Building and waiting outside your Biology and Chemistry classes :). Ahhh . . . the memeories :)!

Coriander said...

Great post!! I love it! So nice to see all that you have accomplished!I need to do this!