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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Park Fun

We had a fun time at the park - enjoying the beautiful weather and each other. I will use the same colors for the kids - Bekah's and Laura's. From the bottom to the top: Violet, Kiaran, Isaac, Ruby, Abby and Madison

A glimpse of the fun

Isaac, Ruby, Madison and Abby
Lyrik and Abby. Abby was a big helper with Lyrik - taking her on the slide, the merry-go-round, the swings and the teeter totter.Nothing like Momma!!! Bekah and Georgia and Laura (and her 39 week belly) and Lyrik.The three musketeers - Kiaran, Isaac and Ruby. They play very well together, not too much fighting or tattling (which can often been the "play" of choice when all the kids get together)
Violet, Georgia and Lyrik looking cute as usual
Hannah enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the green green grass from the comforts of her swing
Our two big helpers - Madison and Abby. They took care of Hannah and Lyrik a lot and took them on all the toys!
Two little munchkins - Lyrik and Hannah. They are 7 months apart and were just starting to play together.


The Chapters In Our Life said...

Super fun pictures! Wowsers there are A LOT of cousins :). I used to be able to keep them all straight, not so much anymore! Can't wait to hear how all of your house stuff is going . . .

Coriander said...

This REALLY makes me miss everyone!! Thanks for always being so good at capturing all the fun in pictures!