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Thursday, July 9, 2009

North Dakota Fun

We were lucky to get an opportunity to visit my family in North Dakota in May. It is always fun to see everyone. While there we get to see 3 sisters, 1 sister in law, 2 brothers, my parents and 12 nieces and nephews! No wonder we all have a blast! To keep the kids straight I color coded - Bekah and Dale, Laura and Joey, and Levi and Rachel.

Lyrik was slow to warm up to me (in fact she never did) :-) The bottom picture is so funny because that was a common look for her - a point and a scowl. I knew she was saying, "you better not ever try to pick me up again or I will hit you again!!" Hannah didn't know what to think of her fiesty cousin and Georgia was oblivious to it all.

So fun to hang out with a close age cousin! Madison and Abby and Isaac and Kiaran (they are each 3 months apart)
Good old Uncle Dale taking the kids in the hot tub. They anxiously waited for this exciting event. Abby informed all the excited cousins that her dad never breaks his promises so they would be going in the hot tub FOR SURE. Cute! Violet, Dale, Lily, Abby, Isaac, Ruby, Kiaran and Madison (in the middle)

Lia, Eli, Isaac, Ruby, Abby & Georgia, Madison, Chloe, Hannah and Violet

We had awesome weather and the kids played outside ALL the time! Left to Right (Back), Chloe, Madison, Abby (Front) Lia, Lily, Violet and Ruby

The inside crew: Violet (actually she plays both sides - in/out, in/out, out/in), Georgia, Hannah and Lyrik

While we were there the kids had a Missionettes Awards Program. Lily, Madison, Abby and Hannah.


Coriander said...

So cute! I love the hot tub picture! The kids are really growing up!

Laura said...

SOOO cute :)luv em